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We pride ourselves in repeat hunters each year. Our hunters have quickly become our close friends.

We hunt on 75,000 acres of bush and heavy forestland, and 15,000 acres of privately owned land, in the heart of some of the best whitetail deer hunting you will find.

Northern Pride Outfitters have been outfitting for over 20 years. We live on the land we hunt, and run a large cattle ranch. Living here allows us to scout the area with ease. We have a winter feeding program that helps keep the deer in the area, as well as insuring the deer maintain good health even during the long, cold winter months. During the rifle season, we mainly hunt over baits. We spend some time hunting the fields, also. We have many different types of stands, including: enclosed huts, climbers, loungers, ladder stands and lock-ons. You will spend the whole day in your stand, so be prepared for the cold. We do offer propane heaters for those extremely cold days.

Two memorials in 2008 photos are our friends who both guided for us who both died. West in Nov 08 and Dick in July 09. Just wanted to honor them somehow.


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